Silver Pearl® is a dark grey stone with large, shiny pearls. It is available in two types, Silver Pearl® and Silver Pearl® Building. Colouring and quality are the same, but Silver Pearl® Building is cut at a 45 degree angle to increase efficiency and lower prices. Such cutting is possible due to the shape and size of crystals. Uniform colour, competitive pricing and high availibility make Silver Pearl® quite unique and a perfect project material.


Our Silver Pearl® quarry at Haakestad, is based on an enormous and unique natural resource. Silver Pearl® is our biggest product, in terms of production volumes, and we have easy access to several levels, ensuring stable and continuous production. By increasing the quarry area, we secure a constant production for decades to come. Formation is solid and gives us the unique ability to format blocks according to customer demand. More than 90% of new production is big gang saw sizes.

Name: Haakestad
Location: Larvik, Norway

Technical Data

Petrographic information:
Magmatic plutonic rock, syenite (larvikite according to origin)

Key minerals:
Anorthoclase (80-85%)

Accessory minerals:
Biotite, pyroxene, amphibole

Geological age:
Permian (+/- 250 Ma)

Chemical analysis:


Flexural strength (EN 12372):
17,8 ± 1,4 N/mm²

Resistance to wear(EN 14157):
17,8 ± 1,4 mm

Dynamic elastic modulus:

Frost resistance (EN 12371):
168 cycles

Heat and water test reaction:

Hardness (MOHS):
6 - 6.5

Apparent density (EN 1936):
2740 ± 7,5 kg/m³

Porosity (EN 1936):
0,1 ± 0 volume%

Water absorption (EN 1936):

Compressive strength (EN 1926):
194 ± 24 N/mm²



  • Cladding
  • Kitchen tops
  • Ornamentals
  • Exterior flooring and paving
  • Terraces
  • Sills
  • Tops for bathroom
  • Internal windowsills
  • Floors
  • Wall decorations
  • Gravestones