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Emerald Pearl is an elegant dark stone with silver-blue pearls. The quarry is still under development, so we have not yet reached the best qualities. At present, production is mainly commercial qualities, but the stone has a uniform structure and quality is consistent. In newer levels, we see improved color and quality. In the future, we will be able to supply a total range of Emerald Pearl from commercial to the best possible quality.


Our Emerald Pearl quarry is at Klaastad, Larvik. Development of the quarry has taken somewhat longer and has required more resources than we originally anticipated. After making a huge effort to remove clay and overburden, we have reached deepter into the mountain, both in the southern and northern areas. This increases the share of higher quality materials. From now on, we expect a constant increase in dark and uniform material.

Name: Skallist
Location: Larvik, Norway

Technical Data


Petrographic information:
Magmatic rock, syenite
(larvikite according to origin)

Key minerals:
Anorthoclase (80-85%)

Accessory minerals:
Biotite, augite, olivine, nepheline, hemo-ilmenite, apatite, magnetite, hematite

Geological age:
Permian (250 Ma)

Chemical analysis:



Flexural strength:
17,6 ± 1,0 N/mm²

Resistance to wear:
16,5 ± 0,5 mm

Frost resistance:
Resistant (168 cycles)

Hardness (MOHS):
6 - 6.5

Apparent density:
2710 ± 10,5 kg/m³

0,3 ± 0,1 volume %

Compressive strength:
158 ± 19 N/mm²



  • Cladding
  • Kitchen tops
  • Ornamentals
  • Exterior flooring and paving
  • Terraces
  • Sills
  • Tops for bathroom
  • Internal windowsills
  • Floors
  • Wall decorations
  • Gravestones