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Our vision


Larvik Granite is a traditional Norwegian quarry owner, but we are also a modern, international company focused on the future. We feel that we represent a new breed of stone producers. Driven by our customer focus and commitment to quality, we strive to set new standards based on the traditions of the past and close cooperation with our customers. We value our employees highly and focus on making Larvik Granite a safe, dynamic and positive working environment.





Established in 1987, Larvik Granite is one of the youngest, but most successful quarry owners in Norway.

Larvik Granite fully owns 5 quarries. We are situated in the town of Larvik, Norway, which is home to Larvikite, one of the most exclusive natural stones in the world. Our main products are from the Larvikite range. Larvikite is the result of volcanic activity almost 300 million years ago, which created a range of enchanting stones characterised by their large, shimmering, blue feldspar crystals.





Environment concerns have always been crucial in our planning. When entering new areas, we make a great effort to be as gentle as possible. This involves measures such as keeping protection-zone in the natural shape and planning for re-circulation of water from wire-cutting, to minimise the impact on the environment. In recent years we have changed most of our production equipment to lower noise, minimum impact machines, one example being low noise wire cutting.



Larvik Granite puts in a lot of effort in the quality control of blocks produced. We have dedicated quality controllers in each of our quarries. These are among the most experienced workers in the Norwegian stone industry. Becoming a quality controller at Larvik Granite requires years of experience and especially knowledge of the materials quarried. We have developed a unique system for the registration of blocks. We use handheld pocket-computers and enter all the data of the blocks into it.

The system then generates a technical drawing of the block. This system has enabled our customers to make selections purely based on the block lists along with the technical drawings. The feedback we have received so far is that the drawings are very accurate. In our blocklists we give customers specific information of which defects are involved. We call this field in the blocklist for “Info”. This field specifies if the defect is for instance open structure (OS), vein (V), crack (C) etc. The complete legend can be sent customers upon request.

As most of our materials have a distinctive cutting direction we mark all blocks clearly by two sets of small lines on the same side as the block number. This is done in order to prevent that blocks are cut in the wrong direction. We offer a general allowance of 5 centimetres on all measurements and all materials. The quarry industry is a challenging one when it comes to the quality control as we only have access to the outskirts of the blocks.

Occasionally customers experience problems that they feel make out basis for a claim. Compensation may be claimed but only on the FOB value and only for the part of the blocks which cannot be used. In case of a complaint, the customer must show evidence of the original marks on the block in question, in order to permit the supplier or his representative to control and thus agree with the purchaser on the extent of the damage and the compensation. The right of complaint lapses if the identification marks of the block cannot be shown.

We will accept claims on blocks up to as much as one year from the date of invoice.