Blue Antique®

Blue Antique® quarry
GPS. 58.494053 5.854962

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The development of our Blue Antique® quarry in Egersund continues and a large new area has been acquired, securing future supplies. The quarry has been widened and we are producing on several levels. Due to the characteristics of the deposit, we have a substantial production of large blocks in second and third choice.
Name: Hellvik
Location: Egersund, Norway
Current production: 3-4,000 m³ per year
Potential production: 5,000 m³ per year
Blue Antique® is slightly different to our other granite stones, with its unique warm brown colour, and blue and turquoise crystals. Blue Antique® can be cut in any direction, as crystals and colouring are strong and evenly spread, meaning that first choice materials can be sourced from second and third choice blocks.

Technical data

Petrographic information
Magmatic plutonic rock, anorthosite

Key minerals Plagioclase

Accessory minerals 
Pyroxene, amphibole, biotite, quartz

Geological age
Precambrian (1.3 billion years)

Chemical analysis
SiO2 (54,64), TiO2 (0,12%), Al2O3 (26,89%), Fe2O3 (0,65%), FeO (0,58%), MnO (0,01%), MgO (1,03%), CaO (10,8%), Na2O (5,19%), K2O (0,34%), P2O5 (0,07%), H2O (0,05%), H2O+ (0,3%)